Heart always open

I’m scared to move on cause it means I accept our fate as strangers and i’d rather be heartbroken then forget about you
it drives me so crazy, don’t know what to do
But I’m glad we’re still friends
Whenever you need help ill lend you a hand
But that doesn’t mean I still don’t feel
I try to hide these feeling that feel so real
But why do I have to try to hide
What I feel, what I’m holding inside
Cause I blush every time I’m around you and if I was white I would redden
But why must I have to keep my feelings hidden
Sometimes I get glimpses that you feel the same
I’m a hallucinating am I insane
Or is it cause you got a man
It’s ok I can do everything he can
And a little more
Loving me wouldn’t be such a chore
But you don’t feel the same but I refuse to move on so my heart stays broken
I will never move on so my heart always open

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