Heart and Soul

In a room of light
Joined by two friends, heart and soul
Both important, both irreplaceable.
The love for both is powerful too powerful so powerful
it breaks the walls of the foundation that holds in the light,
that holds in the love.
Knock knock knocking over walls,
dark thoughts filling the room.
The enemy, my mind, infiltrating our base, our home!
My mind, my heart and soul, at war, a civil war,
slowing cracking my walls in half
Both halves of my self fighting the other,
until no decisions can be made,
all that's left survival.
Survival: getting rid of the poison,
the negative energy that holds you down.
Survival: letting go of the light.
Why? Because the light is so bright,
to beautiful to be beaten into a dim glow
of a forgotten memory.
Survival: letting the lost thoughts win,
letting heart and soul free.

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