Heart are hard to trust

She's shy

She's timid

She's wears her heart on her sleeves

That's where it's always been as you can see
Trusting people is not exactly her forte

She can find a million ways not to trust anybody in every possible way

Letting her guard down is something she always fears

Afraid of always getting hurt afraid of all these tears

Her nickname is cautious and it's rightfully so

Men at times can be pigs of this we surely know

Saying anything to get inside her pants

Sing anything even giving her a song and dance

All lies hidden behind a black vail

Too hard to see behind no way to tell

The strength of a woman but the love in her heart

Given to that one special person who can never be torn apart

In a world of chaos that's hard-to-find

Just like the proverbial needle in a haystack

The possibility of getting hurt is much closer to the attack

For her to find true love is a journey in and of itself

Like the compass that always points north

She goes to find her love and ventures fourth

Into the great unknown she finds her soul

To have a forever and forever to hold

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