She sighs as she thinks of her saddest moments
When true love couldn't find her
She felt that if it did her saddest moments would become better
She saw this guy who was to perfect to be true
The way he stared at her made her blush more than she ever has
She started to get to know him more and more
After a couple of years of dating they moved in together
He would treat her like a queen and give her anything she needed
Until one day he left and never came back for 3 days
She called all over looking for him
He was mad that she wouldn't leave him alone
So he went to the house and dragged her by her hair out the front door
"Never come back!" he said to her
He slammed the door in her face
She banged and pleaded for him to open the door
He turned the lights out and locked the door
As he leaves he spits in her face and walks over her body
She watched as he drives off
She sits on the steps crying asking herself,"Why me?"
All she could think was that she was literally......Heart-Broken

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