Hail the achievers!.
The sailing narrow creek
Is never an expert to consider.
It's thorns,spearing and crooked.
Before crossing,it was dimming almost and yet giving up was the last thing they can't do.

Achievement never age to consider.
It calls on maturity of the mind and a soul slaving commitment.

A lad who's focus is never tame and your old age never him to fear.
Him a cap to doff if your white head is gold.

Consider him deligent in his work?.
He was focus and nerve centered.
He never yeild when the termites bits.
Upon shedding blood,he endured.
Upon knashing teeth,he never give up.
Despite what's challenging, he was minimizing.
Go learn the ants.
Theirs is a Golden heart.

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This Poems Story

Before acheiving anything in life,it requires your total commitment. The road to a brighter future is always dangerous and life threatening but those who endured to the end is always celebrated. Instead of envying achievers,learn from their man power and achieve a cool roxy future.