Heart frequency

I want to say goodbye
I want to say you why
Why flowers are so shy?
Why little birds can't fly?

I'm a free man indeed
I'm the light of your creed
I'm looking for a deed
To find my dreams bright gead

I wonder where we are
I remember the war
Where millions died so far
I dream, I feel, I dare..

I'm the lord of rose dreams
Rose dollars? I have reams!
My eyes shine, my heart gleams!
My soul flies, my mind deems!

I'm a lover, I'm glad..
I hate to see you so sad..
You're not daft, you're not mad..
You deserve so be bold!

I want to believe you
You need cool dreams, me too..
You taste life so me too..
I think so, I feel so!

One day I was like you
I was sad, without a sou..
One day my sky was blue..
Because I found my vow!!

Creed: The belief
Deed: initiative
Gead: the Pearl
Ream: bundle
To deem: to produce an opinion
Sou: penny
Vow: wish

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