Heart Frozen Over

His eyes are fire,
Burning, raging, the portal to hell
They are the first thing I see as I walk through the threshold,
My heart beats fast, pulsing with fear,
His stench of the bar is already on him,
My eyes sting from the smell,
Every nerve is telling me to run, but he already has me frozen in place,

He has a voice of a crow, beckons inside
The dark, cold place, where nobody can see in,
The house makes me shiver,
Everything is in place except for the frames on the walls,
I quickly have to cast my glace aside,
Old memories with my origin gone with the wind,

His belt is a snake curling around his waist,
Hissing at me, the sound as cold as ice,
The laugh however is drowning in a sea of sadness,
His hand comes down to show is power,
I try to run in haste,
But it is too late,

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