Heart Issues

Heart Issues

Do you know your own heart-mind? (critical) Can you make a wise thought? How (mercy) do you express without causing pain to you or them? The (express) Issues of the Heart speaks through your parted lips. Love (forgiveness) overflows to all the parts of the Soul giving love and receiving love. Truth (truth) can come in all shape and sizes. Happiness (smile) can give you a thousand smiles plus one. Unforgiveness (hurt) sadness (hurt) can bring heart issues that moves to mistrust of self.

Revelation (sick) gives openness, vision for healing. Mind (knowledge) has so many abilities which grow through learning. Vision (sight) moves the eyes through peeking thru the clouds. Kiss (touch of love) many touches of pure elation of God’s goodness. Listen (God) opening of the wisdom of pure sound of whispers. Calling (prayers) a message to give a little talk, just a little prayer. Kneel (gives) to the Master who gives the best of themselves to make us feel love.

Sacrifice (release) you who have breath to move into the realm of pure joy, bliss. Song (life) sing a song to the brightness of our lullaby to your own heartbeat. Broken (pieces) the pieces of your tattered Soul which comes from God, who use those pieces to rebuild. Tear (water) are the drops of sorrows that have slipped through the eyes that are shut. Joy (hope) comes through satisfaction of belief in one’s self thru the eyes of another. To think of how many paths you travel thru thought, sight, touch and feelings. You can’t help but, expect great, good, glad, sad, hope, peace, forgiveness, satisfaction, and the greatest of these is Love.

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