Heart Octaves

as the tongue of life, whispers gently across your soul,
I remember a taste, that not even a stranger could replace.
as the fragrant sound of your nectar filled melodies grace my nose,
I smell a truth that only a heart can produce.
as the voice of a ripened fig, oozes out it's joyous cravings,
I remember the moments of night we lay within sight.
as the eyes of the golden moon,
reflect a soothing ecstasy that melds my mind with levity,
i glide across like a moth.
as the touch of your warming solitude,
grazes my body of immaculate sincerity,
a pulsating dove soothes my mood.
there is a silence, a magnetic realization,
that these are memories of life, a life of fulfillment,
of joy, of appreciation,of subtleties,
of exuberant proportion to what a being can experience,
in that moment, I remembered, I was born, I was awake,
I was... alive.

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