Heart of Granite

Hear the echo oh heart of granite
Resonance from the chambers dimly lit
Become hollow with the sounds of unanswered calls
Out of the darkness and shadows as night falls.

Sounds of desolation exposed yet fall on deafened ears
Hear me cries the pain as it reaches out with tears.
With them comes the silence the relentless night
Of emptiness that opens into the valley without lights.

Death of the living encased in their sepulcher
Of lost dreams that float among the walls that murmur
The cries of the forgiven blinded by their destiny.
Destroyed souls mired in decay of the lonely.

A tomb this sepulcher almost like dying or death.
Departed from living yet alive only in breath.
Listen oh heart of granite this echo you must hear
Disguised, shrouded becoming part of the walls, but oh so near.

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