Heart of the Ocean

The heart of the ocean once said to me
Just spread your wings go and be free
And spread the love that's in your heart
For a new beginning and for a new start

The heart of the ocean told me one day
I have enough to give some away
The love in my heart with someone to share
Forget the misery, tears and despair

The heart of the ocean did show me the way
I found myself better each and every day
I know it's not easy, but I'm willing to try
With my broken wings to learn how to fly

The heart of the ocean made me very strong
I found my place I know where I belong
I found my shinning star, the love I want to share
No more tears for me, no misery and no despair

The heart of the ocean is smiling at me
I found my way and finally I'm free
I found my love my heart and my soul
Something very precious I was waiting for

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