Heart on Overload

How can I stop thinking of you? When what we had was true.
You were my one and only, and without you here-it feels so lonely.
How do I fix this and create an abyss?
There's a hole, cutting deep into my soul.
Made me smile, like no one else could and treated me as a man should.
Said if we could live forever, I'd want you in my endeavor.
It's like when we're together, everything feels that much better.
Can't let you go yet, because my heart's set.
You mean the world to me, though I never thought it could be,
after what's been said and done, you're still my number one.
We made it, and even though we've been together only a bit,
I've fallen hard, and to think it all started from a simple card.
Promised you'd love me forever, and would never severe
what we had, even if we got mad.
If we can change for the better, instead of just words of a letter,
we can make it work out, for that I have no doubt.
Because with you here, everything else seems to disappear-
time slows down, and I appreciate each sound.
You make me see life in a different way, through everything you say.
You make me feel so special inside, which causes us to thrive.
The future holds mysterious things,
but if we hold our heads up and spread our wings,
try to fly, we can get by, it'll take time, but be worth every dime.
So the challenges we face, we must embrace.
To show true strength, we got to just fight, with all our might,
to prove our love can soar higher than any dove.

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