Heart, Soul, and Mind

Look behind the mask
The mask that hides what is within
Within the darkest part of the heart
The heart that is so vulnerable and weak
Weak from the hardships it has gone through
Through all the days, weeks, months, and years
Years of longing to be safe and released
Released from all the previous sadness
Sadness that has been eating away at the soul
The soul that has been tarnished and damaged
Damaged, almost to the point of being broken
Broken like the torn and fragmented mind
The fragmented mind that is piecing itself back together
Together again with the heart and soul

Look behind the mask
The mask that is not hard to break
Break the walls around the self
The self that is so heavily guarded
Guarded from the dangers of love
Love that has the power to destroy or heal
Destroy or heal the already tortured heart
Look behind the mask

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