So badly broken, pieces so far gone; so tired of hanging on.
The daddy to tuck me in at night,
Now I feel like I just missed that flight.
Every day getting harder to distract me from all the pain.
It doesn't feel like you're gone.
With all the pain, my heart feels like it is giving away.
Our paradise, where we meet in the after life.
They say he had a heart attack, but my heart aches for him back.
One last hug, one last goodbye; now all I can do is cry.
All the hate you had, all the love I tried to give.
It's hard to believe you are gone-it has been so long.
Have you reached a better place?
Have you seen those heavenly gates?
Our memories will last forever, even if our minds fade away.
With all our mistakes we made, there's nothing left to say.

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