Heart to Heart

My sister,my friend I miss u so much.
Your big smiling face,I love you so much.
Our talks and our time is embedded in my heart,and that gives me light, when my worlds feeling dark.
These one sided talks are getting on my nerves,so you'd better get back to me,you creepy little terd.
How's things in heaven,I know its all great. if I could get there,I'd be planning my escape.
So I could be by your side,just a little while longer,then maybe my heart woulda made yours stronger.
To see us again smiling and giggling,no issues or worries all those memories.
If you could get kicked out,I'd make it so.
You could be here,back down below.
Then we'd have more time to love and live,but I understand that death could be a gift.
No more hurts or pains from this world,just little ole me missing my girl.

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