Heart-Warming Feeling

What is the desirable meaning of love?
Is it the warm feeling of eternal bliss
Or is it the soft touch of a smooth kiss?

Beneath the inner-self of loneliness
Could love cure and bring happiness?
Would it enhance life
And bring the unwanted feelings alive?

Will love come to me and make me cry
Or will it leave away with broken hearts
Which lead with promises of horrid lies?
Could love bring me nothing more but a sweet taste of bitterness?

Does love hide?
Is it there when you need it most?
Has love been by my side since the dawn of time
Or is it just a legend of seductive sweet lust?

The pure taste of lovely sweet sensation
The dream of a fantasy illusion
At its best temptation
Love can be another mark of persuasion

Love is nothing more than a sweet distraction
To lure two beings into one romantic trap
Of either permanent or temporary positions
Was meant to be broken or taken
Though the heart will make the decision

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