Im so very sorry my heart hurts and aches
No matter how hard I try no matter how much I cry
Your love will no longer be mine I broke your heart
Mine is in pieces just like my life without you

I wish I could turn back the hands of time then today
You would still be mine, no matter how much I cry
My mistake will never take this long lasting ache
What do I do without you
Baby my heart it gone with you

Never to hear your voice
Never to see your face
Never to feel your touch
Baby this is just way to much I want to seal my lips
To never speak again, I want to seal my eyes to never see the end
Yes we have come to an end but my love for you is never ending
Ive tried so hard to stop this pain

But it only makes my heart hurt worse
I want this pain to subside, this never ending hurt
I cry all night and day I think of what I would give just to hear your voice
The voice you use to talk to me that made me melt
Like ice cream on a hott summer day

Baby I love you and I dont know just how much longer my heart will hold
Baby I need you in my life to have and to hold
I know I fucked up and I know this will never change

But Joshua Barry your my world
Joshua Barry I need you to have and to hold
Joshua Barry your my everlasting love
Baby I know this wont change anything
But my heart will only be yours till im dead and bones
Till im in a box 6 feet below it will be yours to have and to hold
Together or without you I cant get it back from you
My heart wants you so it left as we part:( :(

Joshua Barry I know you will never get this and I know this will never change a thing but josh even though we are apart you still have my heart your all I think about from the time I get up till the time I go to bed I even dream of you. I cry myself asleep every night and I know I cant change anything all I can do is say im so sorry I didnt want this to happen I didnt want to hurt you. Your still my world even though we are apart I love you josh and theres nothing I can do about it.

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