Because you broke my heart.
Because instead of being with you today I looked at our memories,
and tried throwing them away.
Because you said you'd never leave me,
and that you'd always need me,
promises you never planned on keeping.
Because one day you'll look back
and forget that we were ever together,
and someday when the weather's better, I'll forget too.
Because I thought I loved you and I thought I knew you,
and I thought that by now I'd be over you.
And one day the songs we sang won't remind me of you,
and all of the hell you put me through.
And one day I'll stop reading the love letters that you sent,
the ones that were too good to be true.
But I know that it won't be easy to try and forget you completely
Because I gave you everything, I was in so deeply.
Because I never knew pain until the day you walked away.
Because even after all of this time,
while I sit here thinking of words that rhyme
I can't help but wish for how things used to be,
and wish that you were still here next to me
But pretty soon I'll be back to being me,
and I'll forget how you called me baby,
and I'll forget the promises you were making,
and I'll forget the pictures that we were taking,
and most of all,
I'll forget that the boy who broke my heart...
was you.

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