Heartbreak Apocalypse

Chest is tight. Heart about to burst.
who knew that love could physically hurt?

Tears steaming down my face. Salty on my lips.
Going through a Heartbreak Apocalypse

Lonely when with him. Faking a smile so wide
Taming the beast that`s hiding inside.

The beast gives you an excuse to let go of your youth.
It whispers sweet lies while he tells the truth;

Jealous thoughts and Paranoia consistent in my head.
second guessing myself and everything that's said.

Maybe its just something wrong inside my brain.
I wouldn't even blame you if you decided to walked away.

I know loving me is so hard,
But my heart is permanently scarred.

Not your fault or mine, I`m trying to put it in the past.
Unfortunately its put me in a state of permanent overcast.

Until I learn to love myself and truly come to grips,
I`ll always be stuck in a heartbreak apocalypse

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a poem about living with anxiety and trauma in new relationships