Heart breaker:

Always over my shoulder
Breathing down my back
Convincing me my time is over
Impossible to relax.

Can you just go away
Stop apologizing.
Just find a new escape
Stop intaginizing.

Your anchors buried deep into so many others
Your head constantly turing looking for a cover
So what are you hiding for? why can't you be real?
What's the point of dancing if you're unable to feel?

You're always creeping
Like a thief in the night
Walking on eggshells
Doing every possible right
It's really insanity the way that you are
But you pretend to be someone who carrys a heart.

Please don't look my way
I can't handle the blame
Please don't say my name
I can no longer bare your rude games.

Just walk away..
Go on just leave it all behind..
What even makes you stay?
Wasting all your time.
Always taking away.
The parts of me that were once only mine.

Copying all I do
Never original.. Never you.
Always myself I have to see through you.
And that's okay.. Yet very disturbing
Turn away. Turn away.
Please. Just turn away.

Now it's time to find a new victim
My time is passed
As I lay here lifeless you drained my heart at last
I have nothing more left to steal you have torn me to shreds
Now you gather your chest of hearts turn away and leave me for dead.

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