Heartbreaking Nights

Night after night, he sneaks in her room...
She closes her eyes and prays that it ends soon.

In her young mind, she prays that this is a game;
But when he touches her, all she feels is pain.

He grabs her neck and opens her legs forcefully,
Not caring that this affects her emotionally.

She begs and pleads for anyone's help,
feeling pain that her body has never felt.

When he's done, he tells her to clean herself up...
Making it hard for her to ever trust.

Looking in the mirror, she doesn't see herself-
She sees a scared little girl who's searching for help.

She cries at night knowing no one's there.
She cries at night knowing no body cares.

She cries at night, hoping to be heard...
she cries at night, but doesn't utter a word.

So who cries for the girl that has been through it all?
Who cries for the girl everyone wants to see fall?

Who cries for the girl who wants to be free?
I cry for the girl, 'cause that girl is me.

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This Poems Story

I'm a sixteen-year-old girl who loves to write. My poem was inspired by life. I grew up reading stories about young girls getting molested, and I spoke up for the girls who were afraid to speak. Every girl has a voice, but some people don't care enough to listen. I wrote this poem to let the scared girls know they weren't alone, and there is someone with a shoulder they could cry on.