Heartbroken In Love

Shadows fall upon the night,
As I wander to look for you,
Where have you gone?
Whatever did I do?

Our love was so strong,
Well, I thought it was,
One day it all changed,
You have given up on our love.

Saw that lipstick on your shirt,
Smelled her perfume on your skin,
Didn't think I'd notice,
But, it happened time and time again.

I just wanted another chance,
Just to make you see,
That we were meant to be together,
A forever of you and me.

I saw you and her the other evening,
With a diamond on her hand,
The love we had is now gone,
But I still can't understand.

I need to stop searching,
Come to terms and let you go,
My heart is breaking in to,
But, I'll always love you so.

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