Is this what it feels like to be heartbroken?
It was done by my own token,
I wish I could take back all the negative that was spoken,
I'm in this deep sleep and just want to be awoken.
Will you be there when my eyes finally open?
This pain is like poison, I've been bitten,
My actions reflect those of an evil serpent.

I'm drowning in the tears of my own emotion,
I wish this nightmare was only fiction.
I know I can fix this and remove the friction,
I want to feel your love, not tension.
I don't want fission, I want fusion,
I can't handle our love extinction.
I find myself with chronic hyperventilation,
Wishing I could get rid of this devastation.

I was supposed to be your hero, not the villain.
Stuck in this dark place like a dungeon,
When I dream, I just keep fallin',
All I want is you, my angel from Heaven.

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This Poems Story

I was Southern California born and raised. I am now a resident of Northern California. My family and friends are always there to lean on with an endless support system. Sports were my life from childhood through college; poetry became a hobby of mine in high school. The emotions from my relationships fuel my writing, and this poem is another product of such.