I go day by day.
Thinking of what to say
Wondering what to do
Trying to keep it real and true
Wishing happiness to all
Giving can never be too small
Smiling all day long
Inner peace keeps me strong
I just want to help everyone
Above and below the sun
I can never say no
No matter where I go
I don't like to fight
Because in the end we are all right
Love makes the world go round
Your heart is always home bound
Family makes you who you are
And your heart is never far
Take a moment and appreciate life
Life will always bring us strife
Keeping happy and positive
Is the only way to live
Everything I do is heartfelt
That's why I always feel content
Why can't we as people get long
It's not about whose right or wrong
It's the difference in all of us that should make us strong
That's why love is a universal love song
Remember to always be kind
Because that virtue is very hard to find
Fill your heart with LOVE not HATE
Before one day you realize life is too short and you were too late
Always help one another
Because we are all someone's father; brother, sister or mother

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