In life's heartless arena, I've faced my share,
Knocked down, battered, scars I wear.
Haunted by trials that left me sore,
A man who braved storms, now feels no more.

Explosions of life have left me bruised,
In my heart, resilience is infused.
Reached the brink, soul worn and rough,
Relentless battles, surrendering's enough.

Endless battlefield, victory eludes,
Trapped in fate's cycle, where hope intrudes.
Step forward, pushed two steps back,
No chance to win, fate's relentless track.

Tired of the fight, burdened and bowed,
Disappointment's weight, a corroding shroud.
No chance from the start, always torn,
Destined to lose, forever forlorn.

Deep wounds, scars on my soul,
Each hit a reminder, life takes its toll.
Yearning for respite, a moment to ease,
In surrender, find peace, a lasting release.

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    This Poems Story

    In life, I\'ve taken my blows, been knocked down and left with scars that still shows. Life is cruel, and will take everything from you.