Heartless [February 04, 2016]

Stone cold, he sits in silence
Long he waits without a conscience
Like a statue he resembles stone
All alone, he sits on his throne

In the darkness he fights for truth
But there are others who would steal his youth
Hidden in shadows with intensity of fire
With cloaks and daggers they build the pyre

They take his soul
They take his wisdom
They take his heart and his Kingdom
They burn his house, and his children
They kill his family and tear down his heaven

In the castle there is naught but darkness
As all is laid to ruin by the heartless
All he had known is but a broken promise
As those he trusted kill with madness

As the Kingdom falls in civil war
She wonders what she was fighting for
A man hidden behind a cloak of sadness
Or a kingom of lies for the hopeless

She finds him sitting, like a statue
Ever the same, words untrue
No words spoken, for she knew
His life was taken in the coup

She finds her children under sheets of red
They had been caught within the bloodshed
The kingdom built on all but lies
Led to its destruction and demise

For he alone sat upon the throne
Like a statue, he resembled stone
He was cold, had no heart
And he was the first to be torn apart

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