hearts beating love

As most of us humans know we couldnt live without a beating heart .well i know i couldnt if i dint have something to pump blood throughout my body as in veins , i would be ten feet buried in the ground.

as truthfully that sounds , our hearts make us as in me to , our own unique person god placed here on earth to challange our minds, to see how far , us humans will go maybe theres that one special pure hearted soul , with a mind that cant lie or a heart that wont give up he wont let me break not today i am not going to fade away without my special one gifted heart god knew that he made it strong enough to stay alive, as he planted my seed inside .that little prescious blue eyed angel girl, mama just passed on her heart through out her is were my world began, our hearts are bonded tight inside so my chamber of miracles and love will reduplicate, for the world to see a peice of my heart throughtout my own little clone, im sure the world can or will evntually know what my heart has been through ,i can see it everyday in my preoius little girl;s big blue eyes, that she cant go atleast somedays, wanting her loving mama, with a gentle heart like no other to be beside her in life's hurtful , lyeing, bulling, people hurting one another , bacause all they care about is thereselfish hurting heart,i belive if they saw life through he words of what we are promised in life, it culd open up there eyes to undestand , were there heart is, will most likely be , so on , that puts the love back pumping through your body knowin all along , our heart changed so many thinngs n life.

what a blessing to have already knowing u are even more pumped up , than what meets the everday eye. no matter what happens on earth you cant tear apart two beating hearts , that are sure of themselfs to try to help people get what they already have love.

After centurys of beliveing , our hearts is what god placed love into and it challenges us to get motivated for the road up ahead. you see love brings us together it also brings us apart but we all have that 1 beating heart . have faith, be strong life shall carry us on.

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how i felt in the moment in time i was just writeing my heart out