Heart’s Hole

How do you learn to love again...a heart is delicate, it’s vulnerable, fragile. Sometimes it takes years to fully understand the fullness you can feel from another person, one person who can make it feel whole, because there was always a part missing. One person that even in the silence the scent of their skin and they way they hold you brings a calmness and a peace you can’t find anywhere else. A feeling that never truly leaves when that relationship ends whether your choice or not. You seek to find it in another, you try so hard and even if another is everything you could want they still feel like a stranger to your heart. Will you ever really fill that particular void again? Or was it meant for that one person alone and even though it will never work out, that hole remains. The new person creates scar tissue to repair the ache, but only when the one is in your atmosphere again, is the hole consumed.

I loved you truly, effortlessly, quick to fall yet a lifetime to forget. I will never really know if you know how your love affected me and still affects my days. With every tear the steaks down my cheek when I think of you, I secretly beg you will give me back my peace, not because I want it, but because I selfishly need to know if can survive my heart’s hole.

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