Hearts of Hearts

Love is kind, love is sweet, love is like a big bowl of treats.
Love is everlasting, since the begining of time.
It serves it's purpose, something that is Devine.
It is more precious than any gem or stone,
More beautiful right down to the bone.
Love is not jealous, it has no end,
It is so powerful, that you will always win.
Love is a beautiful emotion that often stimulate the heart,
It pumps blood through the veins right from the start.
Love cannot be tainted it is pure and solely,
Something that god created, something that is holy.
Love holds no boundaries but love, love all sorts of life being,
And it is a universal seeing.
Love shows the help of humanity in a wonderful way,
And will love to be by ur side each and every day.
Love is ginuwine it is absolutly pure,
you can feel safe, I'm honestly sure.
Love will move you to die for others,
Your dad brother sister and mothers.
So let us keep in mind, that love is art,
because it starts with the hearts of hearts.

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