Heatwave Water Writer

Heatwave Water Writer

Words drip, drip, drip
From the end of my pen
A hose full of them
Green with a yellow strip
Lying in the sun, its rubber cracking in two places
It kinks up when I’m watering
Annoying- to rush back and unkink it,
Racing round to stop it whipping water
Through an open window.

The hose is pliable
The water scalding
Imagine the first words rushing out:

Lucifer, Hades, hot, Hell, boil, Inferno, Satan

Then cooling to:

Relief, thirst, river, rain

And finally:

Drink, swallow, satiate, soak, cells

Here’s a jumble to rearrange
I need to use my mind: Holy Smokes!
It’s too damn hot to think.
YOU take over
While I go in and check whether the rice has burned
And the chicken’s turned to crisp

Here – pen and words:

River, drink, Hades, Lucifer, swallow, Hell, satiate, curve, crack green, drip, spray, yellow, annoying, stripe, whip, hot, pliable, direction, scalding, Satan, hose, lying, squirt, Inferno, boil

From the faucet, through the hose path,
Words stream, faster, faster
Until they run together:

Set your thumb over the hose end
Words transform in different shapes, as your thumb adjusts the spray:
Disssstorted, short! loooonng, short! blobbbs, plinks, ovaalss, plonks!

Here come letters: A’s and B’s, C’s, H’s, W’s, S’s…..
Showering crystals in the slanting sun

Rain at last!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, young man,
If you want to be a WRITER!

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