I never knew I could meet the truest form of heaven;
It's quiet and self confidant.
I've yearned to be in this place
I want to be here with you every second of today
And tomorrow would never come because if I'm right
You are the state of existence of the blessed after mortal life.
You are heaven
From the clouds to the skies of morning through sunrise and
Like the stitching of cloth you bring comfort, warmth
and happiness together
And wrap yourself around my body and soul.
You're the frame of a perfect picture,
The subject of every conversion
The air of laughter, the whisper in every good secret
And a reflection of my soul-a counterpart.
You're a window to the end of my life and final destination
Where did I find Heaven? Or did heaven find me
Did I find it in your smile
which proves to me some angels do existed without wings
Or was it your touch when you ran your fingers over mine.
Was heaven in that moment our fingers and hearts intertwined?
None understand and think I'm speaking of legend
or written in history.
I just shake my head
Because I know I speak of Heaven.

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