Heaven must be a glorious site.
For the devil to block you with all of his might.
Jesus paid the price for us to get in.
Why would you choose a life full of sin?
Walls made of jewels and streets paved gold.
What a magnificent view for all to behold.
The Glory of God illuminates so bright.
No need for candles or incandescent light.
No pain, no worry, no day or night.
No death, no heartache, no war or a fight.
Filled with love, peace and caring,
Pure as the robes of white you'll be wearing.
God's presence would be too overwhelming to bear.
The radiance of His Glory would be too bright to stare.
I look forward to going home to treasure that awaits.
Accept Jesus Christ and we'll meet at the gates.

Kris Clarke

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Key Words : Heaven, God, jewels, Glory, peace, Jesus

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I just felt like describing what I thought Heaven would look like.