With the children playing in the park
Running,swinging in the air
Fighting and rolling in the mud
Sun high up in the sky looked like a lemon zesting happiness in the air
mothers laughed watching their fledgling frolic around
But this little lad had more to serve
Sitting by the bench he tried to comprehend the senses
Sovereignty of the mind seemed to be a deception to him
Fabricated by this mind, it did he couldn't even understand
Vicinity of the mind and the depth of it made it a big conundrum to him
Feared of overpowering of Subconsciousness
His conscious effort were oblivious to his patrons
His eyes looked upon his friends
Searching for variation,
he acknowledged
Balance of goodness and ferocity
Proportion of bravery and timidity
Ability to stand again after the fall
Had distinguished the very similar outlines of their structure
Like the oyesters he tried to cover his flaws into pearl
I still look upon that boy everyday before I sleep
The poignancy of the past time had never shook him
A soft good night escaped my mouth in the tumult of emotions I never dared to understand.

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