The words have been drained from this pencil.
Sweet words that I want to give you.
And I can't sleep; I need to tell you, Goodnight.

When you are there you'll be perfect.
Though you'll be pulled away from me, I'll fall apart.
All that He says is sacred to me.
His words are so true, you can't run away.
But as we lay in the stillness, you whisper to me,

"Will He take care of me? Will He accept me?"
Oh you don't have to ask me.
You know you're all that He died for.
You know He died just to hold you and stay with you.
Then He will show you that you are His night sky.
He's always been right behind you.
Now He'll always be right beside you!

So many nights I cried myself to sleep.
Now that you're there, I feel at peace.
I know you were scared of all of this.
But that now you know now, He'll always be there with you.

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