Heaven-A virtual concept or a reality?

Is it just a misconception?
Or is it an idea of life?
Today,let's uncover the mystery of heaven.
An unending peaceful journey,or is it a place,
where, everything perfect and good is only possible?
Or is it a little piece of earth, called home
with our circle of loved ones,parents,family,brothers?
Or is it just the simple fact of ignoring the hard
reality and living on in the unknown and hidden?
Heaven-also a hard reality,
which some cowards are afraid to acknowledge,
Some,who give up,denying there's hope & faith,
denying every piece of evidence of good and loving
on this earth.
Some,who aren't even aware or care,
and meets the world as it comes.
But heaven isn't a place or a journey.
It is the heart of a child, or the true heart of
maybe a little old man,who has seen more bad days
than he has seen good days, but still
determined to see through the next coming day,
and as long as it goes..

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