Heaven & Hell

None go marching out tonight
The terrors of the worlds unit
The we laid tonight to rest
When sin came with his ugly crest
Then in an almighty clash
Sin attacked with a deep slash
Then came an angelic host
Leading in to right the wrong
Of the terrors of the throng
Attacking sin so he could not boast
Then calling down soldiers bathed in light
To teach the humans their power and might
Attacked the monsters derived in Hell
Attacking as the humans ring an emergency bell
All the humans watched Heaven
No one thought to watch a young boy named Stephen
Who had run outside to save his dog
Then he was hit by a log
Heaven tried to save the boy but Hell was too quick
The boy was dead before Hell dropped him in the crick
Heaven attacked with holy fury
Hell saw the attack but from speed was blurry
Hell failed to leave outside a box
Heaven was proclaimed victorious from the stocks
When all the humans cried
After Hell had finally died

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