Heaven-on-earth, when do you arrive?
A million times, I've already died

Rest in beauty, downloads of you
Attached to what, you thought you knew
Space and time. Time and space.
Relative to, the observer's pace.

Well my mentor soul. He's got a human suit
Took mine off once and tasted fruit-
ful darkness. He said safe travels my friend
You may not like the place that you end-
Up so keep one foot anchored to the tie
What a beautiful thing to be alive

Astral projecting through the stars
I am the cosmos. Nothing is far.
So long as I can hear you sing.
I'm not afraid of anything.

The further you travel, the less you know
I rise, I fall, I learn, I grow
So long as I can hear you sing
I'm not afraid of anything

In and out, the earth I breathe
Connected to you, how could I leave
Separation is illusion. We are one.
I am the moon. You are the sun.

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