Heavenly Host

I am a Heavenly Host from the east coast,
trave to the west side wit my niggas cause ain't nowhere to go.
We going higher each day in life and pride,
flying higher with these haters beneath so we wavin bye.
Ain't no way they can reach us,
cause most of em to short to reach the top ones.
Some yell out fuck us, curses and more shit,
nigga my team to fly to fall to yo set!
Every day rollin blunts light em up so we go to Heaven,
ain't no way to tell is what to do so you listen!
We out to live at the top, poppin bottles,
stackin paper and the parties never stop.
And on our way up we that we the Heavenly Host,
no reason to boast over a toast.
Livin wit no worries about anything,
cause we got the money, mind, and strength to reverse everything you sayin.
We are the Heavenly Host livin to the fullest,
some call me the rudest cause I'm the truest,
and I only speak what the truth is.
If you want to hate me for what you refuse to see then I let it be.

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