Heaven’s Angel

By B.H.L.   

A beauty without bounds, a heart unscathed,
Heaven’s masterpiece with a soul so pure.
Her light came down in rays to which we bathed,
It is but human nature to want more.
Ripped from the sky, torn from heaven’s embrace,
She slipped right into our consuming void.
Lost in our world now without her grace,
Her natural charisma was destroyed.
Oh, her purity enlightened my mind,
That dangled on the edge of wrong and right.
Now her appearance is all you will find,
For her heart is dark and twisted with spite.
We went our ways, both a little broken.
Everything we had was left unspoken.

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This Poems Story

It's a Shakespearean Sonnet about a girl I once knew. She was so beautiful and innocent, but that sweet little innocence of hers could not stand against the immaturity of her peers, and she became one of them.