Heaven’s Door

So now they are gone and we shall remain
to suffer forever the heartache and pain.
The one that we loved is gone ever more
now taking the highway to find heaven's door.
Just follow the light and soon you will find
the stairway to heaven you needed to climb.
Now welcome aboard the conductor did say
just tell me your name and we'll be on our way.
Please hand me your ticket and sit down inside
we'll toast to the past and enjoy our last ride.
Now heaven's the place where everyone goes
the journey begins when the train whistle blows.

So welcome to heaven Saint Peter did say
now everyone here just kneel down and pray.
For every new angel is just what he said
you will sleep on a cloud instead of a bed.
It was a long journey, we all did our best
now everyone here just needed some rest.
The way into heaven will take you sometime
but God never leaves any angels behind.
At the end of the day it's always the same
so many new angels have boarded the train.
Now on their way home, forever more and
that's how you make it, through heaven's Door!

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This Poems Story

My sister just recently pass away last Christmas, I was devastated and heart broken. So I offered to write her eulogy and I did the reading at the Church during the Funeral services. When you lose someone that's so important to you in your life it almost feels like a bad dream. So I wanted to write something special for her and to share it with everybody here in honor of her memory. So I dedicate this poem to The woman with the heart of gold my sister Julie, I hope everyone enjoys reading it. I was never an avid reader and I never was interested in going to museums or the fine arts. Now at 61, I am suddenly inspired to read and write new poems and now I'm even thinking of writing some short stories. I hope I live long enough to accomplish that and so much more!