Heaven’s Gate

I open my eyes and all is white
So peaceful, so calm
I rise to my feet and glance around
So peaceful, so calm
I begin to walk, knowing that Afgan is far behind
I remember the fear and a job to do
Semper Fi, Semper Fi
I continue walking, but don't seem to move
I call out, but no echo, no reply
So peaceful, so calm
He appears beside me, a man in white
I glance and he smiles
So peaceful, so calm
Emotions rise up, I know that I'm gone
A hand on my shoulder
No sadness, no fear
But Casey, Chad and Noah, I whisper
I am with them, he replies
No sadness, no fear
The whiteness fades and a wall appears
Beautiful stone, perfectly laid
But how will they..I begin
Faith and family and friends, he replies
And gestures to a gate, not grand nor golden
A simple wooden gate, a carpenter's gate
Welcome home, Sam, He says, welcome Home . . .

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