Heaven’s Gemstones


The night sky is an endless bolt of black velvet. The
Greek gods studded it with gemstones to commemorate
people they admire. The stones are different colors.
The ruby, blazing red, is the gem of love and passion.
How odd this hot blooded gem burns coolly in the sky.
The big ones fade and loose their shine. The small
ones burn brightly for a long time.

The orange fire opal, the biggest in the sky, is
filled with ever lasting joy. Of course it is even
tempered. Despite nearing the end of its life.
Citrine, the gem of life and vitality, shines
just right to give life to the world. It is in the
middle of a long lasting life.

The diamond, shinning hot bright white, is the
gem of innocence, purity, and fatefulness. It is
filled with enduring love. All the qualities
found in a young life.
The moonstone, a shimmering brilliant
blue, is the youngest. A new beginning. It is hot
with excitement at the thought of a youthful life.

The human eye cannot see all the colors; it can only
see the color white. It’s sad that our sight is weak.
The gods keep the beautiful colors to themselves.

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