Heaven's Handwritten Calligraphy

He was stunned, stupefied in silence
As if he were a sparrow, stuck in a sly snake's snare
He had suddenly seen a sacred light from the heavens
His hard heart crumbled
His shaking soul was stripped bare
Trembling in awe at the astounding artistry
The earthling enchanted by eternal beauty
A masterfully made masterpiece
Handcrafted by the immortal master
To him, she was Heaven's handwritten calligraphy
Her beauty could not be described
So he spoke sweetly in Spanish saying:
"Ella es mas bella que las estrellas."
She is more beautiful than the stars
".Y con las estrellas me enamoré"
And I fell in love with the stars

I am the earthling enchanted by eternal beauty
The earthling whose heart crumbled
Crumbled because of her radiant smile shining brightly
She is a star, illuminating my fallen frame
A priceless individual
Who caused my freezing heart to fall down in flames
And I smile like a madman whenever I hear her name

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This Poems Story

November 14, 2014. Cristian saw her as he entered the room. The words just came out naturally, "You look beautiful." The music started playing. He had never danced with a female before, and all he knew was from youtube. He asked her to dance, and it was a beautiful mess. A few songs later, he tried again, and they danced throughout the night into the morning. Dancing with her was priceless because she was precious to him. This experience is where the heart and soul of "Heaven's Handwritten Calligraphy" comes from.