Heavier words

By T.S   

Confined in a dark place
And here I go try to find the window
My faith that I'll reach the light hasn't died yet
But the words I hear have indeed enfeebled my hope

When my inner self is aching to let it all out
I might be presenting you my ever so furnished smile
You don't seem to realize the weight your words carry
And I'm here feeling impotent that I just comply

I fathom that our minds have been conditioned
But why don't the multitude question their stance
It's the onus of all to unravel what's been entangled
So that we can upbring a virtuous and a shrewd clan

Your words are undeniably heavy
Please try to make it heavier with words that resuscitate my spirit
Not with the utterances which have made me weary
Now that I have made it pretty explicit

With this, I'll attempt to reach the door
From which the light is bound to flow
And it'll just be because of your heavier words
That I'll get illuminated and again start to glow.

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