Heavy Eyes

Lying on this cold bed
feeling empty as blue
as the pillowcases that hold
nothing but cotton.
Soft like the skin that once
touched mine, this body
slowly sinks into fibers
that dance to the thoughts of you.

I rest my heavy head onto you.
Your lingering memory fades
between these thin sheets,
I’m trying to forget you.
But how can I forget the one thing
that kept me sane?

The kinks of my unruly hair miss the twirling of your fingers.
The way you laughed at the messes you made is forever
engraved onto me.
The tune of your voice haunts
the curves of our lilac polyester blanket.
Temporarily comforting me in its synthetic warmness,
a feeling so familiar, it echoes confusion.
I close my eyes and I see us.
When you grasped the spark out of my soul
you uprooted the only kind of softness of my heart.
Memories are always left out to become spoiled
and I should let them die.
I close my eyes and I only see you.
A magic trick that allows me to dream of
things that will never happen again,

Am I falling into insomnia without you?

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