held the key

my feelings for you are so strong
and i know for a fact they are going to be lifelong
they will never go away
no matter what you do or say

you've left your mark on my heart
and it will always be there even if we part
but i'm hoping that day will never come true
because all i want in life is to be with you

from the very first day we met
i had this special feeling that i will never forget
from that point on i knew we were meant to be
and to my heart you held the key

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This Poems Story

This poem is written from my heart. Someone really special inspired me to write this poem. At the time that I wrote this poem I didn't have the courage to tell him my true feelings. So I began to express them through poetry. I have been writing poetry ever since. Now he knows how special he is to me and how he is the one who holds my key.