I have heard many interpretations of Hell
Ripping off layer by layer of burning flesh
Encountering your worst fears repeatedly for eternity
However, the most fascinating version i have stumbled upon is
Reliving the worst moment of your miserable life
And I wonder,
If I died today and fell from the golden gates
What moment would I relive for eternity?
I don’t think that any moment in particular could be chosen but the past year as a whole
I’ve never encountered anything so depressing
My grades fell down a vicious slope
The lack of motivation and gloominess my life has become
Lost the most passionate thing I've ever had
Running used to be something to keep me positive and excited
Now it is just an irate and dismal idea
What am I going to do about college?
What if I don’t get accepted into my dream college?
When are people going to realize that constantly poking at my imperfections
will only make me stop trying to make them perfect again?
Not to push forward
I can’t do everything
I’m Sorry
I can’t do anything
I can’t get good grades
I can’t babysit
Or clean up after you or the boys
I didn’t have kids
…..you did
What would you do without us?
What if I just offed myself?
Or just gave up?
What if I ran away?
Or was depressed?
Or hated you?
Or just hated everything about life?
You’re so clueless
What if one day you came downstairs to lecture me about something irrelevant
And I was laying there in a pool of blood?
What if I just stopped breathing?

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