Hell and Back Poem.

Hell and Back Poem.
Hell and back I have been I ask the lord and my friends and family to forgive me for all my past sins..I have been down for so long not a way to live cause I am not gonna come out with the win.Time to drop all the drama the birth women who made me isn’t and will never be consider as my real mama.. The girl who I truly adore doesn't wanna be around me when my hearts left to bleed time to cure my own wounds I gotta do it for myself I am the main part of my life the dice is shaking in my life already had the snake eyes come out don’t wanna get the add up of seven other wise she is out for good.. Drums dancing writing are my real true talents my family friends have been very supportive of what I can bring.. My mind was so fogged up from past abuse on me I wasn't looking at my presents but my family and friends were they told me to slow down on my actions I was making cause they knew I was on a path of no return either dead at a young age or locked up for good. 51/50 was already on my record cause I had a break down felt like nothing matter felt like I wasn't good enough for nothing had the plan made out to end myself for good.. A few so called friends left me for good my other half true family and friends were trying to figure out what was wrong with me I spoke of no words told them nothing of what I was really thinking.. The night before I was gonna be no longer returned I sat looking at photos of my family and friends and read messages they have sent me put my mind a at eas state fell asleep for two hours made a call to my family at 8am the next morning told them I needed to be picked up they didn't question my remark I checked my own 'self in for some help this was the last chance I had hope for to win in my life.. The girl who I care for she knows who she is I know you have been through hell too I even made a promise to you that I would never hurt you or destroy your life the plan I had to end myself for good would have destroyed everyone who loves me and cares for me I am here for everyone who loves me and cares for me I will always protect all of you in the best way I can if I was gone that would have been a life time pain for all of you.. I want to be the strong one here I want to be the one people will feel comfortable to talk to if there feeling down I know how to have my pain throw me straight down in to the ground where you hit so hard you create cracks in your own ground.. I have been to hell and back and I am living day by day a lil stronger cause I have tossed my fogged up mind out the window for to be no stress on myself of the past any longer..

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