Hell on Earth

There once was a little girl who asked God for a favor
She prayed every night and begged that he please save her
From this world that is so cold she begged for an escape
Pleaded that God send her a savior: an angel or a hero in a cape
Someone to take her far away from this cruel, cruel world
Someone to help her get out, someone to help a poor girl
She prayed every day and she prayed every night
Hoping that one day when the time was right
Dear God would help her, he would set her free
Send her a guardian angel to answer her plea
She prayed for six years and never missed a day
Till she decided: God didn't care if she prayed
So she prayed one last time and screamed to the sky
This world hates the living so tonight I'd rather die
She took out a bottle filled with tiny white pills
And that was the night that a little girl was killed
And when she reached Heaven and saw God for herself
She was shocked when he told her that she was going straight to Hell
"Suicide's a sin, a grave one too
And Hell's where we send little sinners like you"
And so God told her, "My child please shut your eyes
and when they're open, you'll be in hellfire"
She listened to God and kept her eyes closed
But when they opened she was back in her own home
Hell on Earth or so the saying goes
Why the world is so cold. only God knows

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