This line is now or never created from a depth of oceans. The most when ruins maybe abandon less was found astounded. A distortional feeds the noted by ears. That speaks difference that hears.

I listen to it the souls that are crying in tears in lost worlds. Many of the cats not clear of blind sight when frost the diseased baby cat. Well worth the years died in the dark holding him to stark.
In it was time here in the snow a harlot hogtied by rope over fire; waving for a touch a smile now the joker does laugh.

Is it thousand not enough about dollars? In a time coming from failure rusted chain reaction my name without fame. In the stormy weather the blizzard gust a pentagram with candles.

A scene looming that of it such miserably elegant Satanist advocate. Not to gleam the extremism mean faces in it manifest. Now so many voices scream outlandish rants sediment.

For the auxiliary space berry outer ate itself in a self-value know not now to the moon light above the lake. My eye acute soon sight advantage in the temple of the black force domain of the blend I wear.

The morbid dense adding to my resume fiend, the sores made more over my skin ability being animal goat closes enough. To be slayed surrounded by four walls then aim up. Into a drench when war in the world humans risen to no scale above it.

The horns for me are everything for profit sells destruction much when time stopped. An evolution rail compelled by revolutions fell during the destruction. Off a track that acts lost exhausted revolutions brought when it is given.
There is no velocity to any completion no end to the battles. Not sentenced to this missing of what? Something with it justice haven't been to blame onto them.

Who are in death fetish? The less it I would not be.
Better the message stab to overcome the jab intoxication and I to have. This is me cannot second take anymore. Not to wait for any human to save us logically from ourselves. As well
I have gone dark through the rebel tone.

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The sixth version of the red serpent.